Routine & Meals

At Rock a Tots Day Nursery we provide healthy nutritious meals, at breakfast we provide toast or a selection of cereals. Our lunch meals consist of a healthy main meal and a dessert which is cooked on site. Rock a Tots also supply snacks through out the day & a tasty snack tea.  Our meals are cooked by Kay who has attended relevant training.

As well as healthy meals we provide children with small individual wash bags, our staff team will support and encourage children to brush their teeth and wash their faces after meals.

At snack times children can have fresh drinking water or milk with a healthy snack option such as fruit, vegetables, crackers etc. Fresh drinking water will be provided at all times for children to have and drinks will also be taken outside during outside play. 

Each room has their own individual routines that are created to the children’s needs and development stages. Each room will incorporate different play activities that will support and nurture children’s development levels, activities such as song and story time, creative messy play, sensory play, dance and movement time and many more. The younger age groups will have sleep and rest times incorporated within their routines.